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Transportation Software

Transportation Software

  • Order at outlet recorded with geolocation capture and confirmed via digital signature
  • Hygienic customer information with easy interfaces to manage customer data
  • Manage schemes and returns, collaterals and pops effectively
  • Monitor stock at outlet
  • Strengthen revenue recognition with effective collection and payment tracking
  • Get intelligent order suggestions based on off take at outlet and other configurable business logic
  • Stock at distributor is reviewed, and new order is placed to company if required

Our Best Features

Mobile billing using Bluetooth printer

Invoices are printed via a Bluetooth printer upon sale from the delivery van.

Route and journey plan

Preconfigure beats and journey plans for your salesmen with geolocation and ensure compliance.

Collections, Payments, Schemes

Full featured solution that provides tracking of collections, payments and allows transparent scheme setup

Real time van inventory management

Real time van inventory management. Updates existing stock in van with each transaction.

Inventory management

Enables real time updating of inventory, ensuring optimum stock at distributor and zero stock outs at retailers

Highly customizable analytics

Asg business intelligence platform provides an easy report builder with one click filters and interactive dashboard elements, allowing for easy customizability.

Schemes and discount management

Run various types of schemes and discounts to retailers.

Real time order management

Geo tagged, time stamped order and sales return tracking. Real time order acceptance based on distributor inventor.

7 Days Free Trial

Sipro offers a free 7-day trial for each of the three plans: Starter, Standard and Premium. During this period, customers enjoy the same benefits as those who have the full version.

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